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MSN is a modern and progressive institution; right from its inception in 1971 it’s a vision translated into reality with a mission to create leaders, winners and achievers in a global world.

The school firmly believes that value based learning has far greater relevance in a dynamic and ever changing environment.

The school provides the requisite infrastructure resulting in holistic development of each child under its care. The structure is well ventilated with ample sunlight and fresh air which is conducive for student’s well-being and welfare.

Learning environment at MSN

Along with the pursuit of academic excellence,we emphasize value-based education.uniting through sports for all championships,strategies for engaging and inspiring learners.

Celebrating the legacy of our alma mater.Not just the line of further education,but the coarse of a child‘s life.Grooming tomorrow‘s leaders in all aspects of the nation-building endeavour.

Teaching methodology is value based & experiential.

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At `MSN schools’,we indent to provide education with a profound base in academics.The process includes learning by experience and innovative thinking.

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Sri M Adinarayana

Smt Lakshmi Tulasi

Srivijay Mathukumilli


Founder & Chairman